3BS is a major Bangkok-based exporter of home decorative item

Since 2004, it supplies a portfolio of very established wholesalers, department stores, mail order companies and specialty stores across the world.

3BS operate distinct functions :

As a supplier :
We Constantly offer a wide range of Thai-made products, but we also specialise in developing our customer designs. Sampling process with us is a very straightforward process where prototypes for requested products are made in fastest lead-time and sent over to our customers for their just over three years, we have established a strong reputation for impeccable quality and service and the best value prices around.

Our prices are all quoted FOB Bangkok and are inclusive of our quality controls and standard export packing.

As agent :
If you do have other orders in Thailand from different suppliers, we can be your exclusive agent in the country and offer the following :

• introduce new products and suppliers
• participate in the negotiation of prices and MOQ
• check for each products considered if better alternatives are available
• supervise product development when you are sending new designs/projects
• control the quality of products / to make sure it is exactly as requested
• make sure lead time of orders are respected
• supervise all packing / stickers requirements
• consolidate orders together for shipments if needed.

Our tariff is usually a percentage of the order depending on the amount of orders and the complexity of the work requested. We do this agent work for very established firms who buy several containers each month, and for others who buy a bit of different things from everywhere, at a less frequent pace.

As an interior design house:
3BS offers on-site interior design solutions to all interiors.With our designer’s skills and experiences, 4BS provides the most suitable solutions to match our customer desires, whether for commercial projects or private use.
Typical works include:

• Design of projects for hotels and private residences
• Definition of works needed for each project by our contractors, from floor to ceiling and from Built-in furnitures to loose elements (Other furnitures, art pieces)
• Set up of all specific needs requested by customers to customise their interior needs (lightingsystem, Sections, Built-in shelves and Furniture storage...)
• Other prop-up settings to add value to a commercial project by suggesting and setting-up theright decoration.